Email Hosting – Communication is Critical

Just about everybody has a personal or business email account set up through third-party email providers or webmail sites, such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Microsoft. There are a lot of excellent reasons for that. They’re often free, low maintenance, have excellent spam filters, and are easy to integrate with your phone and other devices.



So why bother with private email hosting?

There’s something satisfying about having an email address that puts your business’s name front and center. The difference between having an email address that ends in “” versus “” may be minor, but it’s still meaningful. It’s one more sign that you’ve made it, that your business is yours and yours alone, and nobody else’s. It shows that you’re maintaining firm control over the character and direction of your company. That doesn’t just matter to you – it matters to your customers as well. If you’ve never had contact with someone before, who would you more inclined to do business with:  [email protected], or [email protected]?

There is a difference. A big one.

That’s why we offer email hosting alongside our web hosting services.

Branding and marketing your business is important, and having your own business email is a part of that. Having your own personal email domain requires more responsibility and savvy, which is why we can manage the background aspects of it for you if you like. We want to make it easy for you, so you don’t even have to think about it.

We want the transition from your old email solution to be as painless as possible. We can remotely log into your business computer and set up your new email account for the first time, for you, while you watch. We can set up pretty much any email client you like, including Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird (this is definitely one of the better free email clients out there). We’re also happy to help you get it working on you and your employees’ phones as necessary.

Additionally, there are security-related advantages to having your business email domain. One of the biggies right now is the frequent hacking of major email providers like Gmail and Yahoo, with passwords and other account details being sold on the black market or even released publicly. Avoiding tempting high-visibility email services is, on its own, a great reason to transition to private email hosting. We’ll help you avoid being a target, and make sure you stay off of email blacklists and avoid spam as well.

If you ever need assistance, we’re available for support 7 days a week – that’s the advantage of working with a local Sacramento web design company.

Why have Post Modern Marketing handle your business email hosting?

  • Free setup on your computer
  • Best service at the lowest cost
  • Up-to-date security
  • Consolidated web and email hosting
  • Continually updated spam filters
  • Additional services available as needed
  • All day, every day technical support

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