Social Media Marketing Services That Generate a Profit.

With a comprehensive paid social media strategy, it's possible to grab the attention of your social media audience, bring in new customers, and increase your bottom line!

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We use paid social media marketing to discover and attract your customers.

While organic social media has its merits, algorithm adjustments made by Facebook and other social media platforms in recent years, as well as changes to their terms of services, have increasingly limited the visibility and effectiveness of unpaid social media. Through observation and experimentation, we have found that paid social media marketing efforts are far more effective when it comes to finding audiences, getting leads, and turning them into customers.

Engage directly with your ideal target market about your products or services.

One of the biggest advantages of social media marketing over older, passive forms of outreach like television and radio is the ability to advertise only to those specific demographics that are most likely to give you their hard-earned dollars. We’ll work side-by-side with you to identify the qualities that define your customer base, so that we can better reach them and cater to their needs with relevant content and advertising. We can deliver the right message to the right audience.

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Here’s how we use social media advertising to drive leads.

We carefully analyze your industry to determine what popular platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn—as well as any industry-specific venues—are the best means of reaching your customers.

We can help your brand reach hundreds to hundreds of thousands of relevant users on social media. Social media platforms enable us to target individuals based on a wide variety of characteristics, including age, education, workplace, job title, entertainment preferences, preferred brands and product types, and more.

Depending on your goal and budget size, results can happen in as little as a day. Flexibility is one of the greatest benefits of the medium. Your social media advertising budget can be adjusted in moments, and you don’t pay up front for your ads like traditional mediums. Instead your ad spend happens in real time, based upon impressions, engagements, or clicks⁠—measured in terms of cost per thousand (CPM), cost per engagement (CPE) or cost per click (CPC), respectively. If the ads we develop work well, then we can scale the budget in order to increase sales opportunities, or cut the budget back due to seasonality or inefficiency.

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We strive to deliver first-rate social media marketing services. But we're not just a vendor who will do just one service for you.

We don't believe we can succeed with social media if we don't ensure that we're directing your audience to a website that accurately represents your brand and voice, and is designed to convert, or ensuring that your social media advertising campaigns are optimized to grow your customer base. When you hire us, you get a marketing team dedicated to growing your company, not just a firm that does one-off, segmented services.

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We’ll handle your social media marketing. You focus on your business.

We’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive social media marketing campaign that will promote sales, increase engagement, encourage your customers to spread the word and build your brand, and in the end, bring in more business.

Advertising on social media isn't just about boosting a post on Facebook, or racking up a high view count. Our marketing team works tirelessly to analyze the success of our efforts, identify what’s working and what’s not, see how our online efforts are translating into real world growth, and find the most profitable path forward.

We use lead and sales data to fine-tune our efforts.

We carefully monitor performance metrics for all of our paid advertising, translate that data to explain to you in plain language how we’re doing, and act on what we find to improve the performance of future campaigns.

We measure success by the number of opportunities our advertisements create for your business. We work with each client to carefully consider their business objectives and how we can use paid social media advertisements to reach these objectives. Additionally, we can quantify our results through tracking software such as Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel and Hubspot. These tools can pinpoint exactly where leads came from and the steps they took to get there. We can then use this information to take full advantage of the ways in which your customers are discovering you.


Have Questions About Our Social Media Services?

We want to make sure you're as informed as possible so you can make a great decision on what marketing company is best for you. Below is our FAQ about our process, details and more.

Do you monitor ads for negative comments?

We are notified immediately when a user leaves any comment on a social media ad, and work with our clients to draft thoughtful responses to negative comments.

Do I have to supply creatives (photos, graphics, content) for paid social posts?

Our in-house copy writers and graphic designers are an indispensable part of our social media team, and will work closely with you to generate advertising materials that dovetail seamlessly with your company’s branding and design guidelines.

Do you offer influencer marketing?

No, we do not offer influencer marketing as a service.

Will I be able to review ads before you publish them?

Yes, before we launch any social media campaign we forward it to the client for approval.

How is “organic” social media different from paid social media?

Organic social media is a free way to connect and interact with followers of your business. When you share a post organically, it only goes out to a small percentage of the users who follow your page. Paid social media allows you to pay to serve your posts to any user of your choice based on several categories such as age, gender, location, interests, etc., even if they aren’t currently following you!

Can you run ad campaigns with specific placements? (Instagram story, banner ads only, etc)

Social Media advertising platforms give you the option to place ads on the devices of your choice such as laptops, mobile, Apple products, etc. We have the ability to develop ads for strictly Instagram stories, banner ads or Audience Networks. We can even deliver ads based on the day of the week and time of the day.

Are paid posts and ads the ones that are labeled “sponsored” when I scroll through my Facebook or Instagram feed?

Yes, all paid ads on social media are required to disclose they’re ads.

What businesses should use social media advertising?

Social media is most ideally suited for high volume, lower costs impulse products and services, such as retail, food and technology. However, several of our clients with higher ticket products have found success through social media channels due to the low cost to advertise and proven return on investment.

What stage of the customer lifecycle is social media advertising useful for?

We run campaigns for different stages in the customer lifecycle⁠—awareness, consideration and conversion. Within each category are engagement options to choose from—such as form submissions, calls and purchases—in order to best reach your advertising goals. Some common campaigns types are reach, website traffic, post engagement and conversions.

Does each campaign need a new landing page?

Each campaign we create is designed with an end goal in mind. Depending on the objective we may develop a new landing page for the ad. However, some campaigns may not need a landing page, or we may utilize a preexisting page on the website.

So let's

We're always excited to dig into the details of your company and what strategy can help you meet your goals. So let's talk and lay out a plan for success!