A Creative Place in Sacramento for Families to Foster Creativity

Art Beast in Midtown Sacramento is an environment for children and their parents to stimulate their senses with creative outlets.



It can be a challenge for parents of little ones to find ways to occupy their children’s inquisitive minds, keep them busy, and not pay an arm and a leg to do so. Art Beast is an arts exploration space for youngsters ages 0 to 7 that features creative stations designed to excite all five of a child’s senses.  Everything within the studio is a hands-on experience in music, dramatic and art exploration.

Art Beast Exploratory Rooms

One of the decrees from their manifesto is, “We believe that if you fill a child’s life with stories and opportunities to build and play and discovery, you will not be able to hold them back from reading and science and learning.”

Creating such a space for families is invaluable for beating the rainy winters and scorching summers in Sacramento. Art Beast can keep kids entertained, while inspiring their imaginations.

“Enabling creativity to the unbridled mind of a child is my job”

Art Beast is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week. For only $8 per person, Art Beast provides far greater value than taking your kids out to the movies or paying for art lessons. The fee gives you access to all of the studio’s exploratory rooms as well as daily scheduled classes. And with the added perk of in/out privileges for the day, it allows you to bring your little ones before and after nap time.

Although all that glue paper, clay, and sand can be messy, the staff’s dedication is unwavering. They are art coaches, trained to ensure that kids can explore and create in all spaces. They ask children about their creations to nurture their imagination because art is about more than just one piece, it is about exploring the depths of that creativity.

Nancy Hamaker, Co-Assistant Director of Art Beast describes her role: “Enabling creativity to the unbridled mind of a child is my job. I am giving kids the opportunity to explore and make, and sometimes that’s not neat and tidy, sometimes that means glue on the table and papers on the floor.”

A parent can come in and get messy with their kids, and yes, some parents even make their own art projects. Or, they can grab a cup of free coffee and relax while their little one is occupied. There is something for every family when they walk through the doors.

At Art Beast, it’s not just about art.

Art Beast has been around since 2009, and many families have experienced the wonder and play that is cultivated within those walls. But what some might not know is that their play is a small part of the bigger picture of who and what Art Beast is.

Hamaker describes the commitment of Art Beast as, “So much more than where you can take your kids to keep them occupied. It’s a piece of a big picture of overall community that makes Art Beast unique.”

That sense of community is no accident, Art Beast is a non-profit that supports Tubman House, a residential community for homeless youth and children. Both Tubman House and Art Beast are two of five programs that sit under the umbrella of Waking the Village, an organization that focuses on helping homeless youth develop the life skills necessary create their own homes and live, rather than merely survive.

Art Beast offers many ways for families to participate in the adventures of unleashing the creative beast within their children. From drop-in rates to monthly memberships, all proceeds go to both keep Art Beast fresh and Tubman House running.

Waking the Village depends on the community, with the name derived from the African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child. It takes a community to get youth off the streets and on a positive life path. When you visit Art Beast, families leave with the sense that they are part of a bigger picture. They are part of a community.