Creative Crush - Local Bark

So it’s only fitting we highlight our client, The Local Bark, as the first in our Creative Crush series. The Local Bark is a boarding, daycare and training center committed to perfecting the dog owner’s relationship with his or her dog. Our client is beloved by owners who need guidance and know-how in properly and lovingly training their canine companions, as well as by owners concerned with their dogs’ happiness and well-being while they’re at work or out of town.

The Digs

Creative Crush - Local Bark

The facility is impressive, with multiple indoor and outdoor rooms for pups to socialize and practice their good habits and behavioral skills. Upon entering the lobby, you’re immediately treated to clear view of the windowed training room. Additional playrooms can be found throughout the center, and overnight guests are treated to their own rooms.

The Impact

Dog owners are clearly delighted when they see an improvement in their dogs’ behaviors, thanks to the attention they receive from The Local Bark’s training programs. Another major perk is that when families board their dogs overnight, they can view their pups frolicking and socializing on The Local Bark Facebook page, which is updated with adorable, high quality photos on a daily basis. With 4.8 stars on Facebook and 4.5 on Yelp, it’s clear to see that investing in training and boarding services is a worthy investment for local dog owners committed to providing their dogs with outstanding care and resources they need to succeed.

Creative Crush - Local Bark

Creative Crush - Local Bark

Creative Crush - Local Bark

Creative Crush - Local Bark

The Proof

They’ve been nominated for three KCRA A-List awards, one for each of the categories they qualify for! If you’re a Local Bark fan, there’s still time to vote for them here.

Creative Crush - Local Bark - KCRA A-List

How We’re Helping Them Earn the Praise They Deserve

Currently, Post Modern Marketing performs marketing and web services as well as design consultancy. We’ve executed photo shoots, developed branding materials, provided web support and more.

Web Traffic: A Brief Case Study

Since working with The Local Bark, our main focus has been increasing their web traffic by employing SEO and social media strategies. Comparing year-over-year results, up until January, was performing 20-40% better each month versus the prior year… until their blog post, “5 Common Mistakes,” took off and was shared on social media and elsewhere at an incredible rate. Not only did their blog page receive a huge number of visits (over 200,000 visits, a 6,647% increase in January alone), the website as a whole began to receive increased traffic.

Website Monthly Growth Increases:

  • January 6,647.77%
    February 1,075.09%
    March 304.64%

The other key change that increased traffic was the creation of separate landing pages according to keywords: dog-boarding, dog-daycare, dog-training, etc. Whereas previously all Google results had been directed to the home page, we now have many sub-pages showing up for relevant keywords.

While the “5 Common Mistakes” blog post is still the biggest driver of traffic, the site’s overall organic visits as a whole have increased. The sub-pages have taken some of the traffic from the home page, as well as major pages like “Stay” and “Learn”, but the overall visit amount has increased. When evaluating where the visitors have come from, breaking down actual potential clients, and comparing January – March 2014 to January – March 2015, we’ve seen gains in the following targeted areas:

  • Sacramento 52.72% increase (1,692 to 2,582)
  • Rancho Cordova 2.42% increase (866 to 887)
  • El Dorado Hills 55.61% increase (446 to 694)
  • Folsom 37.79% increase (614 to 846)
  • Placerville 180.25% increase (81 to 227)
  • Carmichael 23.81% increase (252 to 312)

Brand Identity

Over the course of our relationship, we’ve honed in on the company’s identity through print materials, focusing on the brand, and adding to the amount of fonts, logos and images the company has at its disposal. We adjusted the base company colors from faded to bold, which allowed for better readability of printed material on their site. Below is a recent banner we designed to illustrate their “SMART” series of articles focused on offering practical tips for raising your puppy.

Creative Crush - Local Bark - SMART Program

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