We’re the 4th Fastest Growing Company in the Sacramento Region!

Post Modern Marketing was announced as the 4th Fastest Growing Company in our region in the August 10th, 2018 edition of the Business Journals.

We’re proud to be included with companies that are making great strides in our community, and are committed to continuing to do so. In this post, our CEO Josh Rubin will offer some thoughts about the journey thus far, and where we’re going to make sure we’re even higher on the list next year.

I’m really proud of my team.

That about sums up my feelings after finding out we were the 4th fastest growing company. That’s not the 4th fastest marketing company, the 4th fastest in our neighborhood… nope. The 4th fastest overall in the entire region. Wow. Our small little firm has been lumped in with companies (some of which are our clients) that are doing amazing work, hiring thousands of people, growing our local economy, and making big changes. These are companies that refused to give up or move away when things got tough a decade ago, and instead invested even more into their growth.

Getting to this point hasn’t been easy. I started my previous company, Creative California, in 2009 after becoming disenchanted with the idea of working for someone else again. The economy was crashing, and I learned very quickly that employees (especially in marketing) were expendable, and not recognized as the organizational backbones I thought we were. So I decided to start a company where that wasn’t the case – a company where the heart was its people, and we would make or break it based on the culture and ethics we adhered to.

I’ll save the stories for another time, but over the last 10 years, I experienced more failure than I can remember. But it was the people who joined me on this journey and who endured, who strove to be better daily, and ultimately helped us create a company that is not just stable or growing, but pretty darn amazing – all without ever sacrificing our commitment to grow each other, grow partners and grow community.

Post Modern Marketing Celebrating our Award

The award isn’t about money – it’s about validation.

When I was contacted by the Sacramento edition of the Business Journals to talk about our growth, I figured we might get a quick quote in their article. I didn’t think there we were one of the five top companies highlighted in the print and online edition (as evidenced by my lack of prepared speech when called onto the stage at the ceremony). We work with so many businesses in our region that are growing rapidly, hiring, giving back, and seemingly making a bigger change than I could ever imagine making myself. But there we were, my face on the cover and my team gracing a full page article, delivered to our office. We may be making a change after all.

Right now, when I actually sit and think about it, I’ve been surrounded by a group of people who believe in what we’re doing. I’ve never worked with a group that worked harder, cared more, humbled themselves daily, and never gave up when things got tough. Where we are today is testament to them. So (in order of the amount of time they’ve suffered being with me) John, Emily, Katya, Amy, Joseph, Alex, IsabelVanessa, thank you. To Amber and Bob, who just recently got on this ride, and to all the future people who join our family, you’re going to be a huge part of the next big steps we take, and I thank you for going through it with us.

Where are we going from here?

Post Modern Marketing seems to change every month. We went from a couple people to a group small enough to fit into a single room, to needing to hire more and more to keep up with demand. In two years, we’ve nearly tripled our office footprint. Our retention rate is through the roof, our leads just don’t slow down, and our products and services get better every day. As we have continued to learn how to be a better company, some things have become evident: we need to have processes and people in place to manage and maintain our workload so that not a single client goes without the best possible effort we can give them. We need to up our game as we expand into markets where we compete against companies that have been doing it longer than I’ve been alive. We need to partner with like-minded companies who can support the needs we have where their expertise is invaluable. So we’re actively doing those things.

And we’re expanding too. We have opened up our San Diego office, and are looking at other marketplaces that are hungry for a new approach to digital marketing. We’re hiring on professionals who are strong where we were weak, and bringing on clients that can make us better just as much, if not more, than we improve them.

We’re excited to be part of our community. Seeing Sacramento’s growth in just the last 10 years has been amazing, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. And we’re not slowing down either. This community is passionate about entrepreneurship, about being great on a daily basis, and about supporting its people along the way. We’re happy and honored to be doing our part, and look forward to seeing where this journey takes us.

Thanks for being part of our family, and if you’re not yet, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to find out how we can partner with you to grow your business as well!