Remarketing Services:
Reengage & Convert Promising Business Leads.

Organic and paid digital marketing efforts are only the first steps in the process of turning interested people into actual customers. PMM’s remarketing services are designed to recapture the interest of those people who have already started the buyer’s journey, and turn them into paying customers.

Remarketing Services - Recapture Leads

Our remarketing services recapture would-be customers you might otherwise never convert.

Remarketing sounds exactly like what it is—marketing your company’s services or products to people you’ve previously engaged through your website, paid ads, or social media. They have landed on your site through a Google search, or clicked on an ad which took them to a landing page. Either way, they looked through your site, learned about who you are, but ultimately… left. But don’t worry! That’s perfectly normal for people who are in the “awareness” stage of the buyer’s journey.

We'll help you reconnect with previous site visitors and turn them into leads.

PMM's remarketing services give you a second chance at selling to missed opportunities if you’ve either gotten contact information from them through a form, or placed a tracking pixel (a “cookie”) in their browser. When visitors fail to convert the first time, PMM can reconnect with those visitors and remind them of your business’s offering remarketing to them through email campaigns, and serving them with retargeted ads on Google and social media sites.

Post Modern Marketing Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads can be triggered based on specific website actions.

When someone first visits your site, a cookie is installed in their browser, which can be used to trigger display and video remarketing campaigns on outside platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Google Search, and more. Remarketing campaigns are shown to users who satisfy specific criteria, such as if a user spent a certain amount of time on your site, viewed a specific service page, filled out a form, or left an item in their cart.

PMM can help you build an email contact list for remarketing efforts.

It can be tempting to try to fast-track your remarketing efforts by buying an email list. However, this undermines what makes remarketing effective—marketing those who have already engaged with your business. In addition, marketing to contacts derived from purchased mailing lists violates federal anti-spam laws, and puts your business at serious risk. PMM can help you quickly make inroads with your audience and build up a contact list as a part of our general marketing efforts.

Remarketing Services - Build Contact Lists
Remarketing Services - Build Contact Lists

We'll help you find new opportunities and breathe new life into old contact lists.

An engaging website with useful content and tempting lead magnets will entice users to provide their contact information, even if they’re not ready to make a purchase. Users who engage with social media and PPC ads can be remarketed to with carefully crafted retargeting ads. You may have old contact lists that you have never done anything with, and you’ve been wondering if you should toss them because they’re out of date. Think again! We can create an email campaign to re-engage with these contacts, let them know you’re still around, and enable them to indicate whether they’re still interested in what you have to offer.

Comprehensive Pricing Package

Remarketing is, by definition, a complement to other digital marketing efforts, such as SEO, PPC and paid social media advertising. The success of your remarketing efforts depends upon the effectiveness of every element of your overall marketing campaign. And we can help you develop, overhaul, or merely fine-tune a comprehensive marketing strategy. When you hire PMM, you get a marketing team dedicated to growing your company, not just a firm that does one-off, segmented services.

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We create retargeting ad campaigns that work for your industry.

Remarketing can be an especially valuable tool for businesses which offer needs-based services, as well as those that offer more desire-oriented products and services that can improve someone’s quality of life, such as kitchen remodeling, home solar power, landscaping, and more.

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Work with PMM to convert your audience with custom-designed remarketing campaigns.

Real-world data shows that people who have engaged with a business but failed to buy aren’t disinterested—in fact, they’re more likely to re-engage and ultimately convert than the average person. If you’re already advertising on Google Ads or Facebook, or you’ve been collecting contact data on your site, you’re already halfway there!

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