It can be difficult to determine whether someone who claims to be an SEO or pay-per-click advertising expert actually knows what they’re talking about. You can’t go to college and get a Bachelor’s in SEO. And unfortunately, many certificates and courses are useless—put out by third parties who don’t have an up-to-date understanding of SEO and online marketing, which have progressed a great deal even in just the last couple years.

Meet your local Sacramento Google Partner.

Katya Allison
Katya Allison, our Digital Marketing Specialist.

We’ve long been frustrated by the lack of any real organization or authority when it comes to showing whether someone knows what they’re doing when it comes to online advertising. That’s why, when we learned about the Google Partner program, we jumped at the opportunity to participate. As of yesterday, Post Modern Marketing is Google-certified as specialized in search advertising, with team members Josh Rubin and Katya Allison meeting the requirements for individual certifications in Search Advertising and the Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

Josh Rubin
Josh Rubin, our CMO and all-around SEO and advertising smart guy.

Being a Google Partner means that Post Modern Marketing can assist you with AdWords campaigns, keyword strategy, and advertising budget decisions.

Post Modern Marketing’s certification as a Google Partner means that our agency’s staff have demonstrated the knowledge and experience necessary to develop and manage large-scale online advertising campaigns, and to assist clients in growing their web presence. In order to earn their AdWords product certifications, Josh and Katya had to take multiple online exams testing their knowledge of best practices in using Google’s advertising products in different contexts.

According to Google, our company’s certified specialization in search advertising means that we have shown:

  • Increased product performance and expertise in basic and advanced search advertising concepts.
  • An understanding of best practices for launching, managing, and optimizing Google ad campaigns.

Josh and Katya’s individual certifications in search advertising represent that they have shown a proficiency in:

  • Best practices for creating, managing, and optimizing Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Advertising in Google search results.
  • Creating online marketing plans.
  • Advanced support of AdWords campaigns.

Lastly, their Google Analytics IQ individual certifications represent:

  • Proficiency in Google Analytics and digital analytics as a whole.
  • Data measurement and implementation planning.
  • Google Analytics configuration and management.
  • Google Analytics reporting.
  • Campaign and channel attribution.

These certifications don’t just indicate that Josh and Katya memorized a bunch of book knowledge. Google analyzed real world AdWords campaigns that Josh and Katya had previously developed for our clients, and evaluated these campaigns on the basis of cost, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Based upon this combination of experience and tested knowledge, Google determined that Josh and Katya had demonstrated the aptitude necessary to be certified as Google Partners with the ability to assist clients by creating and/or optimizing AdWords search campaigns, and to provide advice on budgeting and keyword strategy.

If you’d like to verify that we are a Google Partner, click the badge below to visit our Google Partner profile.

Google Partner - Adwords and Search Marketing

What does it not mean to be a Google Partner?

We’re big believers in transparency, so we want to make something very clear: Being a Google Partner does not mean that we work for Google, are Google contractors, or that we have any sort of special access to solutions and services. We have the same customer service support from Google that any business does. If you pick up the phone and call AdWords’ customer support, you’ll talk to the same staff that we do. There’s no secret Google handshake for getting deluxe service or better ad rates.

Google does not provide direct web development or SEO support—we don’t have an ‘in’ with Google. And that’s true of our competitors as well.

Being a Google Partner means that Google has determined that we know what we’re doing when it comes to creating and optimizing Google AdWords campaigns. And that’s a distinction that we—and Josh and Katya—are extremely proud of.

So, if your business is in need of assistance with your search advertising or online marketing, give us a call or send us an email through our online contact form, and find out how Post Modern Marketing can help your business.

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