Are You a White Label Agency?

Are you a white label agency? SORRY. We don't believe that our customers are best served by passing off our work to other companies. Sure, we have subcontractors that perform work that we're not experts in - photography, videography, cow-milking, and so on, but there's no reason for us to offload what we're best at just to save a nickel.



Here are a few fun things we’ve learned about white label SEO and web development companies.

Almost every offer we’ve gotten for white label services has been from an overseas company, usually located in India or the Philippines. And the few exceptions have been local companies that turn around and hires overseas developers to do the work under their direction.

Here’s the problem: The IT workforce in India is criminally underqualified. Colleges in India focus on memorizing the information needed to pass tests, rather than instilling the skills necessary for writing quality code that is streamlined, flexible, and reliable.

Secondly, business ethics don’t matter to white label agencies. They often utilize black hat SEO techniques, which puts clients at serious risk.

If you’ve seen websites with stilted, odd language, seemingly written by robots, that’s the product of content spinning. It’s a lazy technique for mass producing unoriginal content that almost always results in websites that fail to succeed with human visitors and search engine crawlers.

These are just a few of the many reasons why we don’t work with white label services.

So why do people outsource their work to these companies?

The almighty dollar. The average Indian web developer makes $3,625 per year. This allows white label companies to maximize their profits by spending far less on staffing than agencies employing experienced local talent.

We believe that this does a disservice to clients, as well as to our industry.

So no, we won’t work with you. Sorry.

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