It’s also easy to overlook some basics when it comes to marketing in print effectively. Here are some tips we’ve come up with after more than a decade helping companies effectively market themselves in physical print.

Tips for Effective Marketing

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Use a Graphic Designer

Having a compelling design is important in two ways: it helps you stand out from the crowd, as well as keeps your marketing looking professional and not amateur. It’s hard to employ and trust a company that looks like it skimps on its own marketing costs.

Research Your Demographics

You want to distribute your print materials to a receptive audience. If you’re mailing out postcards, or distributing door hangers, make sure that the market you’re sending them to meets your target audience. You don’t want to send business products to a zip code full of apartments, or home services to offices.

Add an Offer and Expiration

A call-to-action is always important in print. You need to compel the potential customers to contact you before it’s too late. This helps your piece perform more quickly, as well as helps prevent it from going into that “pile of stuff I’ll get to someday” that everyone has and eventually tosses.

Track Your Performance

Every print marketing piece you produce should have a call tracking phone number on it, and possibly a unique website landing page. This helps you track the effectiveness of the piece and make judgements on what you may need to change, replicate, or stop doing altogether.

Price Out the Printing

Don’t be afraid to get multiple quotes for the printing of your piece. Don’t just send it to the local print and shipping chain, as you’ll find much better deals online, or at the locally-owned print shop. Most online printers do a good job and can save you a good amount on printing costs.

Make it Personal

While mailing or canvassing may be a good way to quickly distribute your materials, neither is as effective as personally delivering a flyer to a business owner.  If it’s a mailed piece, consider making it a personalized letter instead of a marketing piece as it will more likely be read.

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