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We create goal-oriented workflows that captivate your company’s audience and converts them all into customers. Our marketing automation services ensure that your marketing is always working for you, even when you're not.

Marketing Automation - We Automate Processes

We automate processes based on audience behaviors and the customer journey

The criteria for triggers and the actions that follow are customizable and strategically developed for all different stages that your buyers may enter. With workflows, you can send emails, update contact information, add or remove contacts from lists, and trigger internal email notifications, all depending on predefined criteria.

Marketing automation reaches the right audience with the right message at the right time

Our marketing workflows operate effortlessly in the background, creating trust and interest, nurturing your leads, and organizing your database in a way that saves you time and increases your company’s profitability, without sacrificing any work that you typically perform.


We identify which marketing workflows are most applicable for your unique business goals

Our marketing automation team uses HubSpot or another chosen CRM to create the most appropriate workflows, test them, optimize them, and track them. We use analytics to generate long-term marketing strategy so that you capture the most leads and close the most sales. And whenever you need assistance, or just want to meet with us about your various marketing workflows and campaigns, we’re available. We value transparency, and consider you our partner.

Increase efficiency by automating marketing and sales processes

  • Automatically enroll engaged customers in scheduled drip campaigns.
  • Initiate targeted remarketing campaigns based on visited webpages.
  • Offer your audience whitepapers, deals, case studies or other valuable content based on their interests or actions.
  • Send a unique re-engagement campaign or special deal to disengaged contacts.
  • Automatically assign leads to specific staff members... and more!
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We're not a vendor who will do just one service for you. Marketing automation won't make your business succeed without ensuring that your customers' needs are met at every stage of the customer journey. So, when you hire us, you get a marketing team dedicated to growing your company, not just a firm that does one-off, segmented services.

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Have Questions About Our Marketing Automation Services?

We want to make sure you're as informed as possible so you can make a great decision on what marketing company is best for you. Below is our FAQ about our process, details and more.

What is a marketing workflow?

Some may think of a workflow as basically a flowchart, with diverging options and outcomes differing based on certain decisions and conditions.

But at PMM, a marketing workflow isn’t just an overview of marketing processes. When we build a workflow within the HubSpot CRM, processes that used to take countless hours of manual labor and management of sprawling spreadsheets and contact lists are now seamlessly automated.

Your workflows are running in the background for you and your business, 24/7.

What is an example of a marketing workflow?

Here’s an example of how workflows can work for a business: Let’s say that you’re a manufacturer that builds equipment for farms, road repair companies, and construction companies. On your website, you have a newsletter signup form for visitors who are interested in learning more about your products, but not yet ready to convert.

On your contact form, there’s a dropdown where the visitor enters their name, email address, and company name, and another dropdown where they can indicate which of the three relevant industries they’re in.

So, when someone signs up for the newsletter, the workflow will automatically begin sending them a previously written series of six emails, which comprise a “drip campaign” for your company and products – spaced out appropriately of course.

When a submission comes in, you used to have an employee who manually entered the data into a tracking spreadsheet and scheduled the dates on which the potential customer will receive each of the emails. Every day, the employee checks the spreadsheet, and one by one sends out one of the six emails to the recipients which are due to receive an email that day. That’s a lot of work! All of which can be completely automated.

With your new HubSpot workflow in place, when someone signs up for your email, their contact information is automatically added to your contact list, and they are enrolled into your email newsletter marketing campaign. An if/then statement is used to identify which industry each contact belongs to, and assigns the contact to the appropriate set of drip campaign emails. Each email is personalized with the recipient’s name and other relevant information pulled automatically from the contact’s form submission data.

It’s easy to see how a single workflow like the example above can save hours of time per day, allowing you to rededicate your time, and your employees’ time, to more mission critical tasks, while the workflow is taking care of marketing work in the background. And the above example is just the tip of the iceberg. Multiple workflows can be chained together so that depending on the actions of a customer, their customer status is automatically updated in your contact database, they are disenrolled from one campaign and enrolled into another, deals are delegated to specified members of your sales staff, and much more!

Below you can see a screenshot of an example of a real-world workflow we developed for a client to automate their drip campaigns.

Market Automation - Example Drip Campaign Workflow in HubSpot

While they had previously automated these campaigns using a workflow, we were able to take more than a dozen workflows and consolidate them down into one, streamlining their drip campaign process and making it easier to integrate with other campaigns.

So let's

We're always excited to dig into the details of your company and what strategy can help you meet your goals. So let's talk and lay out a plan for success!