Email marketing services that grow your profits.

Post Modern Marketing has proven time and time again for our clients that email is a practical, profitable tool. As your email marketing partner, we’ll promote your products and services, build customer trust, and inform your audience of developments in your field which make it clear that you are an industry leader.


Email Campaigns that Drive Action and Deliver Results

In a recent 2019 study, Adobe surveyed over 1,000 adults and found they spent over 3 hours a day checking professional and personal email.

PMM more effectively reaches your customers where they live and work, making your email campaigns engaging and profitable by developing effective headlines, sales copy, and email layouts designed to compel and convert, all while maintaining your company’s brand voice and design. In our efforts to drive sales, our email campaigns are designed with a call-to-action in mind.

Whether the action is to send the audience to a website landing page, call a customer representative, request a quote, every campaign and individual email is crafted with a specific goal in mind.

Emails Designed to Fit Your Brand

Post Modern Marketing has a full in-house team of marketing associates, content writers, and graphic designers who can produce one-of-a-kind email campaigns that will attract new customers, while remaining true to your brand and voice, as they have with the brands of more than 150 companies and organizations to date. We can create and manage email campaigns of any size, sophistication, and scope.


We Segment Your Audience to Better Target Their Needs

Segmentation gives us the ability to send messages to subsets of your audience which cater to their specific needs. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, which can turn off many would-be customers, we can hone in on those who show interest in specific products or services. The more segmented the list, the more ways we can create personalized messages which improve their experience.

Have an existing customer list? We’ll help clean it up and segment the audience. We can segment new contacts added to your email list. This can be done automatically through page tracking software, website contact forms or a CRM system.

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We strive to deliver first-rate marketing services. But we're not just a vendor who will do just one service for you.

We don't believe we can succeed with email if we don't ensure that we're directing your audience to a website that accurately represents your brand and voice, and is designed to convert, or ensuring that your email campaigns are optimized to grow your customer base. When you hire us, you get a marketing team dedicated to growing your company, not just a firm that does one-off, segmented services.

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Marketing Automation Works 24/7

We want your online customer onboarding and sales process to be as seamless and beneficial as possible. Automation of email campaigns improves customer retention, trust in your company, and sales opportunities, all with substantially less effort. We can develop robust workflows where an email or scheduled series of emails is sent based on the actions of potential customers, such as viewing a certain page on your website, leaving a quote request form incomplete, or opening a promotional email.

We Use Data to Continually Optimize Your Campaigns

We use the analytics data generated by ongoing email campaigns to measure our success in terms of both engagement and real-world revenue. We track every single interaction, including successful deliveries, the number of users who viewed the email, links they clicked, all the way through to the moment a transaction occurs.


Have Questions About Our Email Marketing Services?

We want to make sure you're as informed as possible so you can make a great decision on what marketing company is best for you. Below is our FAQ about our process, details and more.

How much does email marketing cost?

We do not charge a set fee for email marketing. Instead, it is included as part of our standard marketing package. However, there are subscription fees charged by email service providers, which have a variety of pricing structures depending on the number of emails you send out, and the size of your email list.  Another determining factor in cost are optional features and add-ons you wish to use to implement as part of your campaign.

What email provider do you use?

Post Modern Marketing is well versed with most popular email providers. This includes but is not limited to Hubspot, Mailchimp and Constant Contact.

When should we send an email to prospective customers?

Email marketing is good for every stage of the customer lifecycle. If a segment of your customers are in the awareness stage of the buyer's journey then it’s advisable to send them a series of emails building the credibility and trust of your brand. In the consideration stage, a customer might be weighing the benefits of your company versus a competitor. In this case, we can set up a series of automated emails promoting the benefits of your products and services. After a customer purchases from your business, we can even set up an email campaign to solicit customer feedback and reviews.

Where do you get new contact addresses from and how can I build my email list?

Typically we gain new customer emails through the website via a form or advertising campaign. Our clients also often provide us with new lists to import which they’ve acquired through networking events or in-store communication. We make sure emails are acquired ethically, and customers understand they may receive marketing emails.

Isn’t email marketing kind of spammy?

The good and bad news is that email is a cost effective marketing tool which can generate a profit even with only fractions of a percentage of recipients converting. This is what motivates spammers to behave unethically. The good news is that your business’ email campaigns will have much greater interaction and return on investment than emails sent by spammers, while being conducted in an ethical manner. People who opt into your email campaigns want more information, and want to hear more about your products or services. When your emails land in a would-be customer’s inbox, it will be from a known, valid and trusted source.

Do you buy email lists? Can you use my purchased email list for an email campaign?

We do not condone the practice of purchasing email lists because users whose contact information are included in such lists have not opted in to receiving messages from your business. The federal CAN SPAM Act, as well as the state of California’s anti-spam law, prohibit the sending of unsolicited marketing emails, and punish offenders with heavy financial penalties. In addition, you  may be flagged as a sender of spam, which can result in your emails being blocked by email service providers, and your own email service provider closing your account.

What if my audience is tired of hearing from my business?

All of our email campaigns include an unsubscribe button at the footer allowing customers to opt out from some or all future email messages. We also actively check users' interaction with emails. If they’ve shown no interest in marketing communication for a long period of time, we remove them from the list, which in turn saves clients money, as they pay email providers based on audience size.

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