PMM News: Fabrizio Di Tata Promoted to Head Developer

Posted by | February 25

We are pleased to welcome Fabrizio Di Tata, longtime collaborator and Post Modern Marketing developer into his new role as Head of Website Development. As we continue to grow and take on more exciting projects and challenges, we know Fabrizio will continue to bring us amazing insights, designs and solutions to the websites we create.

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Welcome our new team members Emily and Fernando!

Posted by | February 19

This month we are welcoming two new members to the Post Modern Marketing team! Our business is growing (and growing and growing) and we are excited to bring on-board these 2 extremely talented individuals and grow some more Emily Emily Baker is an all-around web extraordinaire with experience in social media, WordPress websites and graphic design. […]

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New Year, New Office

Posted by | February 16

We are thrilled to announce that we have fulfilled our New Years’ resolutions and have moved into our new office! We are now located at the the Urban Hive, 1031 H Street in Midtown, Sacramento. The Urban Hive is an amazing co-working space for creative entrepreneurs in the Sacramento area, and it was recently named […]

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New Website Project Launched For Team In Faith (an amazing charity)

Posted by | December 10

We are proud to announce the launch of the new Team in Faith website ( Team in Faith’s mission is to help individuals and communities, specifically in the African countries of Uganda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), become self-sufficient in the very near future. A little background on their organization […]

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Spoke at UC Davis on Thursday

Posted by | May 21

The UC Davis Marketing & Business Association invited me to speak at their club last Thursday night about Digital / Inbound Marketing. I had a great time and was very inspired by the number of questions and level of interests the students displayed. Below was the invitation for the event and below that is a photo of […]

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Mac vs PC For Startups – What’s Your Take?

Posted by | May 7

What is the best operating system for start-up businesses? Mac or PC? Some people love the elegance and dependability of Mac OS but others would argue that they don’t want to pay the “Mac Tax” and feel that PC’s are the better alternative. Keep in mind we are talking about what’s best for startups, not […]

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Why Sloooow Websites Hurt Sales and Website Traffic

Posted by | December 4

Do you know how fast your website is when accessed by a visitor with an average Internet connection speed? It’s simple, you can start with Google Webmaster Tools to determine your load times as well as a host of other stats for webmasters. Likewise, you can go to Alexa and key in your website URL […]

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What is Responsive Design and Why Does your Company Website Need It?

Posted by | November 26

The stats are everywhere. Smartphone usage is at an all time high, and tablets are quickly replacing conventional computers as primary devices for media consumption.  While this shift to mobile doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon—in fact it may seem permanent—many B2B marketers are refusing to adapt, with a study by SiriusDecisions showing […]

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Should Restaurants and Bars Worry about SEO?

Posted by | November 20

If you ask the average restaurateur or bar owner if he/she knows what SEO is, it’s likely you’ll get a confused look in return. Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to the collection of techniques and practices used to boost a website’s ranking on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Because the majority of online […]

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Is your Website Driving Customers Away?

Posted by | November 13

While we often take for granted websites that come across as being user-friendly and visually appealing, it’s easy to recognize a bad site. We’ve all encountered sites with absurdly long load times, cluttered designs, layouts that are hard to navigate through, no options for sharing, too many animations, and incomplete content—the list of web design […]

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