Getting the Most Out of Working with an Agency

Posted by | May 2

Congratulations! You’ve decided to sign a contract with a marketing agency, one with a more knowledgeable and better-equipped team than yours. They have a proven track record and seem like genuinely likeable people. But how do you prevent going down the same road so many others have? We’re talking about slow starts and miscommunication, followed […]

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Know When to Use PNG, GIF, and JPEG

Posted by | April 29

When creating and saving images, you’re faced with 3 main file formats: JPEG, GIF, and PNG. With digital images filling up your inboxes, web hosting space and memory space, it pays to know what file formats are best for certain circumstances. For instance, JPEGs are great for compressing image size without sacrificing quality, great for […]

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New Website for Green Thumb Deli, Home of Some Seriously Fantastic Sandwiches

Posted by | April 28

This week we are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Green Thumb Deli at! Green Thumb Deli is a fantastic shop in Sacramento with an emphasis on fresh, good quality food. The deli was started by a group of four family members who were united not just by their family […]

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A Crash Course on Common Marketing Acronyms

Posted by | April 25

1. AIDA: Attention/Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action The step that makes up the somewhat obsolete sales funnel, explaining the transition the customers make towards a sale. 2. API: Application Programming Interface An API refers to a set of protocols, steps, and tools when programming software applications. The API shows how components of a piece of software […]

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New Website Launched for Enterprise Roofing, Top Company in Northern California

Posted by | April 23

We are thrilled to announced the launch of the new Enterprise Roofing website, a commercial roofing company covering Northern California that has been around for more than 50 years. You may have seen their work on your neighborhood shopping center or a new office building – they even worked on the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power […]

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Tips for Identifying an Untrustworthy Website

Posted by | April 18

When was the last time you visited a website in search of information, only to close it after just a few seconds because you felt something about the site was fishy? Do you think your website is any better? Does it do a good job of keeping your potential customers feeling safe? Here are some […]

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3 Web Design Facts that Will Catch You By Surprise

Posted by | April 15

To understand the process of web design you must first know that design goes far beyond the outward appearance of a website or page. There’s plenty happening behind the scenes that most web users don’t even know about, because different web browsers translate code to imagery and layout in a different manner. From loading times […]

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How to Convince Executives to Take on a New Marketing Strategy

Posted by | April 11

A common challenge faced by many digital marketers these days is overcoming the generational gap between traditional business owner and progressive marketer. It’s common for many family-owned businesses operating for more than 20 to 30 years to resist new marketing techniques like social media, email marketing, blogging and more because of the fear of risk […]

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3 Website Problems You Can’t Hide with a Pretty Design

Posted by | April 8

Many website owners often make the mistake of thinking that the visual design of a website is the be-all and end-all of a good web presence. However, think of a thriving traditional brick and mortar store selling, say, the cheapest consumer gadgets in town. People ultimately go there to buy gadgets because of the cheap […]

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A Guide on Setting Up Google My Business for Medical Practitioners and Practices

Posted by | April 4

Many hospitals, clinics and law firms often fail to understand how to handle customers on the web. It’s perfectly understandable as such businesses, which often have several departments and professionals interacting with clients, can’t figure out how to bring their traditional style of business to the online space. This problem is especially true when managing […]

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